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Sue's my name and this right here is a little space where i get to rant a little....well maybe alot' But hey thanks for dropping by. So here's to kicking life's ass and making the most of precious moments.....Xo

“My mission in life is not merely to survive, but to thrive; and to do so with some passion, some compassion, some humor, and some style”
— Dr. Maya Angelou

Friday, 31 August 2012


A week from today...yours truly will be 25 years old....?OMG’
I was going through stuff i wrote when the year began...n i found the piece down here’ i kindah posted it on my face book the year’s almost ending and i feel like i haven’t done enough’ i haven’t lived up to the hype i promised myself i would...........i am yet to meet someone n fall madly in love’ i sincerely want that so much it effin hurts’ there are so many things i feel i am still yet to do...but i couldn’t be happier’ i accomplished something with this blog’ i tapped into a side of me that vivacious and that counts for something at least...doesn’t it? So cheers to me turning 25 and to all September babies.....HBD’ y’all
On matters fashion.......we are going blue. ’the colour of a clear sky’ blue is subtle yet fiery in a nice way...especially when paired with another bright colour like red or pink’ it dazzles........enjoy

“Hello world;
It is a new year all over again.... a new calendar, and if you’re like me, it also means a new mantra, a new set of beliefs to live by and a new and brighter vision.  Funny how time flies by, isn’t it? One minute it’s all about  holiday magic the next its January greys ‘i don call them blues coz blue is such a gorgeous colour, January is more like grey if you ask finally hits you that you are back to life as we know it. It’s like a month full of Mondays’ The best thing about the Christmas period is that for some reason we all forget how hard life really is...we live in this cute bubble with no alarms, no traffic its simply easy like a Sunday morning’
Just the other day i was busy making plans and if my memory serves me right, i was supposed to get my shit together by the time i got to be 25........yeah right ‘I turn 25 come September so am speeding...’am racing fast but not fast enough’....if u know what i mean’ okay am really not trying to beat myself up right now but something’s gotta give’ right.
My Christmas break was awesome to say the least. I enjoyed every bit of it. Every time i caught myself wallowing in boredom i made sure i did something real quick to perk me up. I got to do some of those things i keep wishing i would but never get the guts to. 2012 does look very promising... i haven’t drafted my resolutions yet (i know u must be thinking...that’s lame) trust me it isn’t....It keeps me in check...and if i don’t accomplish some of the things i set out i still do it anyways’ so this year i know two things that will take first and second spot....drum roll’
LOVE; cliché right! But hold it right there! I am a sucker for this thingy called love, especially lately’ my pals think am a hopeless romantic but anyone who knows me well knows am clearly love starved..... Never been totally and completely covered in love’ and that is why i want that so badly. I desire to be in a loving and healthy relationship with someone who i can’t see myself living without. One of my favourite movies “LOVE N OTHER DRUGS’ oooh boy Jake Gyllenhall (total eye candy) says this to Anne Hathaway as the movie is about to end “ you meet so many people in your life; but you meet one person and your life changes forever”  beautiful right? Now tell me who doesn’t want their life to do a 360 when they meet someone who totally completes them? I know i do...
Am listening to Daughtry as i write this and boy do i love this band’ Chris Daughtry would so marry me any day of the week. They make music that is beyond amazing. I listen to Daughtry and all is right with the world again’ I feel incredibly alive and sooooo damn stirred. They are my muse:  my very creative essence... my all time fave happens to be
Staring out into the night, trying to hide the pain
We’re going to the place where love, Feeling good don’t ever cost a thing
And the pain it feels a different kind of pain
Am going home to a place where i belong, where your love is always been enough for me
Not running from, don’t think you got me all wrong
Don’t regret this life you choose for me but these places and this faces are getting old
So am going home, am going home

Beautiful right...when the world seems like too much to handle, i kindah like to have a safe haven’ where i can find solace and serenity and music does that for me. I remember onetime i lost my phone and with it went a 2 year collection of some of the greatest sounds and rhythms ever. I seriously felt like i lost a part of me when i couldn’t reach out for that particular playlist. But with time...I’ve made another one that is more mature and more eccentric coz it’s a mash up of soul, rock, hip hop n all that jazz’
So back to 2012 and back to dreams....  it does sound like such a groovy year’ so am putting on my dancing shoes’ i don’t want to miss the music; i want to listen to every single beat’
Fabulous new year to y’all and listen to the music, i bet it is playing somewhere if you’re keen enough’ i wish you joy, peace and much much love’
Peace Sue”

c/o enter my closet..........isn't she just the epitome of lovely...heart her purse'

i sincerely apoloise for the hands on the hips....overrated'i know...workin on poses'

i keep laughing out loud since my makeover....n it ges to a point where its not pretty' lol

the corsage...cost me 50 Kshs..only' bt i adored it

i just love how she incoprorated the print chic'

Tuesday, 28 August 2012

for the love of friendship'

hello sweeties;

I spent the day at my bestie and tv loving partner-in-crime mily's house exploring her neighborhood on a relaxed Saturday Afternoon. We had fun being over-sized kids for the day.
We have eerily similar lives/ opinions/ passions and i pray to God that our soul mates will get along like bread and butter. The two photos with us all dressed up are of a place my bestie and I visited over the past. I celebrate my friend' because she colours my life' truly
i read this on Oprah magazine sometime back and i couldnt think of anyone i would rather sent it to than her' if you find a pal who gets find a treasure'

"Brenda Abrams had an orange shag carpet and a thing for Elton John. My room was hot pink and my heart belonged to Cat Stevens. We both believed in Herbal Essence, Frye boots, and boys named Brad. We got our periods, our ears pierced, and our learner's permits—in exactly that order. All we knew of drugs was what we'd read in Go Ask Alice. All we knew of sex was what we saw in The Way We Were. We gorged on Twinkies and Fritos and red pop, never dreaming that cellulite could someday come between us and our Calvins. We were good girls. We were best friends.

Thirty years have come and gone. She's Brenda Jacobs now, living with her husband, three kids, and nanny in a big suburban house outside Manhattan. I'm still me, living alone in a small prewar co-op inside Manhattan. She's on the board of trustees at her children's school, practicing law in her spare time. I'm on the computer writing this article, and my spare time is spent wondering how people find spare time. Most days I don't want her life. Most days she doesn't want mine—but we each have the occasional pang. We are still best friends. "

at a past event with the ever bubbly Cate Gitahi n her wonderful fam'

twas a bit chilly....but so worthwhile'

Mily grab that pot...u know u want to'lol

me being me..............weeeeiiirrrd'i got the moves baby..u got the motion'

u know that Fashion Police show with Joan Rivers where they go B**** stole my look' weeeelll Babe stole my shorts'

me n the tree...........PDA'

flower power'
flower power again'
at the tayiana garden spa' one word "COSY"
Mily din want no tree PDA'
fave photo of the day....need i say mo'
i will look at this 20 years from now...n  say' i had a great friend'

girls nyt out............

mo me'

get silly'
peace out

NB: Cherish your pals...

Thursday, 23 August 2012

a post that's a lil too late.........

Hey loves’ a post that's a lil too late.........

Twas an awesomely long weekend here in Kenya, so today its back to b’ness n Lord knows some of us could use a push back to reality. My weekend wasn’t as hyped as i would have wanted it to be;not much activity took place seeing that most of my girlfies were out of town’ n i had my dental check up , So i did what i do best’ stocked up on some amazing shows n had a kickass time bonding with the tv n escaping reality. From New Girl Zoey Deschannel (God’ i love this sitcom) to Hollywood Exes (another fab show bout fab women livin it up) u can say’ i had a dreamy weekend. So now here I am seated at my office desk feeling lazy as f*** n i keep replaying this three songs........don’t ask me why’

Trey Songs ‘Heart Attack’....i love me some Trey’ so effin yummy ‘there is something so deep about this jam’ especially where he says’ worst pain i ever had’ who would hurt this piece of eye candy....i wouldn’t!
Mr. Wrong ‘MJB’ huge fan of this madam
John Legend ‘Best You Ever Had’ totally addicted to this song’ i keep seeing Michael Ealy (somebody say ‘sex god right thurr’ n Taraji getting freaky n this song playing in the background...on Think Like  a man act like a lady’

Okay on matters fashion i kindah gathered my thoughts on 1 or two things i need to do to add some much needed vavavoooom to my blog’ i figured i’d pick an outfit i wore n look for similar outfits then put them in a single post’ so i’mma kick this off with a feature on jumpsuits’ they are effortlessly chic n very easy to style’ a month ago i wore the navy blue one to go visit my pal...i felt a lil-overdressed but heck’ i needed to wear it coz it’s been hanging in my closet for some time had a perfect fit  and i felt like a million bucks strutting around’ it made my tini tiny ass pop’ how sweet ‘i know
Anyhu’ here r looks with a jumpsuit’ some from other bloggers’ that really had me bowled over completely’n the delish Kelly Ro....on Trey's video 'Heart Attack....

i would die happpy if i was kelly ro...n trey was lookin at me like that'

the red jumpsuit n the fedora...miss Kelly looks disgustin'huh

feelin the tie n die vibes on this one'

love the blue vibes n ruffle detail on this.......
love love love this colour block one......
yeah that's final look' taking a bow

Thursday, 16 August 2012


First of much this moment of utter disbelief’ thank you from the bottom of my heart’
Moving on swiftly...
I know I've mentioned it a million times but I'm really, really smitten, passionately smitten with polka dots!
I fell in love with this dress the minute I saw it sometime last year; it was impossible not to, the lure of the tiny polka dot, the white finishing and the buttons were just too much.
Black, white and red–tried and tested. This combination always works.
I wore it a few days ago and felt so cutesy and little-girl in it!

Down here is a poem’(how cliche’ of me...that will serve as a consolation to anybody who thinks their dreams flew away with the wind’ i always have but am slowly picking those dreams up and trying to live each one of them. Remember it is never too late..........

i keep dancin on my own....such a pity'

I OUGHT TO KNOW BETTER..The whole happily ever after flick needs to be killed 

I had it all planned out
Right from the moment i got in touch with the adult me
I knew exactly what i wanted in life and the kind of person i wanted to be
That is get a degree in English Literature
Get my first job at 21
My first major assignment for a major firm at 25
Explore the world at 26
Meet my future husband at 28
Get married at 30 and settle down
Establish myself as a career woman at 31
Get pregnant at 32, own my own column at 34
The list is practically endless in every aspect
But i had it all figured out, all up in my head
Now i am, just a month shy of 25
My first job came knocking when i was 20....lucky bit
Major assignment; not that i can think of yet
I haven’t been outside Africa which is such a pity
Time is catching up for me to go exploring
And by the looks of things i need to re-draft the whole life plan
Get back on the drawing board and start afresh
But one thing that keeps me going’ is hope
Hope that someday the sun will shine’
Trivial details like my blog hitting 1,000 views
Those perk me up.
There is more to come’ more to live for.
So i keep hoping.

P/S thanks y’all’ i wish i could shake all those 1000 hands right now’