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Sue's my name and this right here is a little space where i get to rant a little....well maybe alot' But hey thanks for dropping by. So here's to kicking life's ass and making the most of precious moments.....Xo

“My mission in life is not merely to survive, but to thrive; and to do so with some passion, some compassion, some humor, and some style”
— Dr. Maya Angelou

Tuesday, 27 November 2012


First of i have got nothing but love for my former schoolmates who showed up for Saturday’s event and made it absolutely awesome...It was so amazing to reconnect with y’all. I know years have gone by and we have all changed in ways we didn’t think were possible. Some are mothers awww’ hearing the pitter patter of tiny feet’...some are wives’ till death do em’ part another worthy awww’ a majority is chasing paper’ yeah baby that’s where i fall, and others are at different avenues in their lives. But we all found common ground in the fact that we were together in high school high. I am honoured to have been in your presence beautiful ladies.

I am getting to a point in my life where i want to be at peace with God’ the world and with myself and in order to do that i will not leave any stone unturned in my search for peace. As i look back on my days in high school i figure there are things i need to point out here and there. As y’all can remember i wasn’t exactly your favourite girl...i was sorta’ acting out’ it was a phase in my life when i dint know who i was and what i was becoming’ kindah like i was at crossroads in my life. That doesn’t make right what i did that’s why i say this to anyone i ever made feel bad about themselves ‘i am utterly and completely sorry’. Kids at a young age do stupid that i am older and wiser i realize that. If God ever grants me a chance to be a mom...i will want to raise my kid to be a respecter of people no matter their status. So in a few words am trying to say’ i am sorry for whatever, whenever, and wherever. So before y’all go thinking i was the school bully...lemmi stop you there’ let’s just say i might have stepped on a few toes and i feel the need to make peace.

So after having one of those nights that highlight 2012...i needed some icing on my cake so i went dancing at Black D. I party rocked till the sun came up and met an awesome soul...Jemta. So here comes the point when i let the pictures speak for themselves.....

There shall be eternal summer in the grateful heart
- Celia Thaxte


Friday, 23 November 2012


Hello loves’


I would like to express my gratitude to all those who have visited my blog; as of today, November 23rd 2012, I already have 2100 views or 22 views/ day on average.

A big THANK YOU for those who took time to make a comment on my blog. You guys are really amazing! You will never know how much I treasure an extra count here. It means so much to me. I do not want to spoil this for you...with a lot of talk so i will let the poem down there speak for me plus some of my past looks. 

Mercie beaucoup'


What can i say? I’m just a girl
Living in a big world
I wear a mask most of the time, because i fear rejection
My surface may seem smooth, but my surface is my mask, my ever varying and ever concealing mask
Beneath lies no smugness, no complacence
Beneath dwells the real me in confusion, in fear, in aloneness
But i hide that
 I don’t want anybody to know it
I panic at the thought of my weakness and fear being exposed
That’s why i frantically create a mask to hide behind – a nonchalant sophisticated facade
To help me pretend to shield me from the glance that knows
But such a glance is precisely my salvation, y only salvation, and i know it.
That is, if it’s followed by acceptance, if it’s followed by love
It’s the only thing that can liberate me from myself
From my own self built prison wall, from the barriers i so painstakingly erect
It’s the only thing that will assure me of what i can’t assure myself-that i am really some thing

This is one of the few places
I feel i don’t have to hide who i am
I’m not looking for sympathy
I’m just looking for an escape
I’m infatuated with music, poetry, fashion and movies
I write what i feel, what comes into my head and what i experience
I don’t write to be accepted, i write to be emancipated

I give the impression that i am secure
That all is sunny and unruffled within me as well as without;
That confidence is my name and coolness my game
That the water is calm and i am in command
And that i need no one
But don’t believe me please

The real me is just a simple girl with her dress on and an open heart
Wish i could save the world like i was super girl
The real me used to laugh all night
Lying in the grass just building castles in the air
But lately I’ve been jaded, life got so complicated
I start thinking about it
I almost forgot what it was like
To feel alive inside

But now i realize
 You cannot be the person you might wish,
Opening the door to who you are.
Morning comes alike to fowl and fish,
Kindled by a mystery from afar.
In you there is a music all your own
Pouring through the sluices of your heart,
Passionate with love as you atone,
Unmoored from self by ritual and art,
Restored to some bright whole not yours alone.

I like dressing up simply for the fun of it! Because it makes me feel good about myself, boosts my confidence and pushes me to think creatively. It may sound narcissist, but I like feeling pretty, fabulous, confident and powerful and fashion gives me that. I enjoy it and that’s what counts!

Bloom where you are planted…
- Mary Engelbreit

 P/s I thank you all from the bottom of my heart............

Tuesday, 20 November 2012


A lingerie party is an innovative idea that inner wear brands came up with to promote their underwear. Many of you who are reading this would be baffled to hear the phrase, lingerie party. And the first picture that comes to your mind will be a lot of women in sexy underwear. This is not very far from the truth but this party was much more than that. It is actually a social event that is conducted to promote and boost the sales of high quality lingerie. At such parties, you can pick up some great stuff at unbelievable prices and that is what makes this party a huge success always.

Since a lingerie party spells fun and naughtiness, it is important that you dress right too. This is the perfect place to turn up wearing something super sexy and hot. Baring your skin is not all; in fact, the idea is to look sexy and not trashy. A lingerie party is not about being trashy. It is about being sexy, alluring and self-confident so i chose to wear the flowery number below although this picture is from moonlights ago...since i didn’t carry a camera to the event. Go figure ‘


I had a swell time with my college buddy Samara Juliet who also happens to be a professional model of sorts (check out some of her stuff). She had invited me for this event and i was so curious i just had to go. It turned out to be one helluva night’ i still smile secretly when i remember how so awesome it all was. I wish we had some tape rolling somewhere and recording some events in our life so that you can watch it later....and delight in the joy of days gone by. I had one of those moments one i would love to relive given the chance to do so.


On matters movies’ i finally got to watch Sparkle after waiting for it with bated breathe... i wanted to see Whitney’s last movie’ it turned out to be quite good i must admit but with alot of similarity to Dream Girls. My favourite act was the chic playing Sister ‘the songs were amazing and as the credits rolled i couldn’t help notice that R. Kelly wrote most of them; Dude sure is talented.

Have a lovely week dearies’ and don’t let anyone rain on your parade’


my dress for the party on a later date'

tooo magical...

my pal julie' powder room shot'
bubble yummines'


workin that dress'

upclose n candid'

miss Samara Juliet..doin wat she does best'

gotta love the frills on this one'
another awesome shot of miss Julie'
Sparkle' the amazing Sisters

Stix n Sparkle watchin the stars...and missWhitney shots(RIP)