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Sue's my name and this right here is a little space where i get to rant a little....well maybe alot' But hey thanks for dropping by. So here's to kicking life's ass and making the most of precious moments.....Xo

“My mission in life is not merely to survive, but to thrive; and to do so with some passion, some compassion, some humor, and some style”
— Dr. Maya Angelou

Monday, 24 September 2012


Me myself and I

Hello loves’
Over the weekend i was feeling a little down and out so rather than wallow in self pity i decided to do something to encourage my spirit. I have a tendency of over thinking stuff which in more cases than one makes me grow weary of this thing called life. You know growing up you have these expectations then life hits you and it hits you real hard. I bet y’all agree with me on this one that we all have those days’ days when the sun don’t shine and you feel broken-hearted... so i was kindah going through something like that and on such days i like to be left to my own devices.
I decided to go somewhere and take stock. Rethink my life and connect with me. It was kindah like a one woman date’ me getting to know me; as corny as that may sound. To tell y’all the truth’ i did find me’ i listened to myself and found those loose chords that strained my journey and made it more difficult. My resolution at the end of it was to steer away from be very grateful to God for all those present things i take for granted and to go for it...whatever my dream is’ to go for it.
Before i get all preachy..lemmi just quote this excerpt from moonlights ago’ i can’t recall where i got it from exactly but i remember feeling drawn to what the writer was talking about(soul evolution)

“I’d like to see my life being about the evolution of my soul. I’d like to see my life being about expressing and experiencing that part of me. The truth is i would like to do more than just survive. I’ve been surviving all this years. I notice i am still here. But i would like the struggle for survival to end. I see that just getting by from day to day is still a struggle. I’d like to do more than just survive. I’d like to prosper. What would you call prospering? Having enough that i don’t have to worry where m next dollar is coming from; not having to stress and strain just to make ends meet. I mean, i hate to get mundane, but we are talking real life here, not the airy-fairy, spiritually romanticised picture of life you draw throughout.”

So after a relaxed Sunday afternoon’ i went home feeling rejuvenated’ like i had accomplished something’ i had tapped into the inner me and as i was sitting in that bus going home i blasted this song on my earphones “Praise you in the storm ‘by Casting Crowns and i wiped those tears away and in that moment i knew i was going to be okay no matter what life brought my way. It goes something like this

And I’ll praise u in the storm and I will lift my hands
You are who you are no matter where i am
Every tear i cry you hold in your hand
You never left my side
And though my heart is torn
I will praise you in the storm
Lovely week dears
Stay happy’

keshie lookin delish;   i only have me
[11:33:33] Keshie Muthui: so i have to enjoy me

Tuesday, 18 September 2012


Helluu loves’

Bet y’all are feeling the September magic’ it is turning out to be such a beautiful month if you ask me. I am feeling alive’ vibrant and so ready to take on the world’

My pal n i were on skype this morning and we talked about a few issues here and there that we needed to address to steer our lives to the next direction. In that spirit of joy i said i wanted  do something drastic to shake things up.........a.k.a’ get a life’

I feel like am stuck in this rut called my life........i need to get out more’ mingle ‘see the world in a different light. I feel like i have been sheltered all my life My mom(God bless this woman) made sure i wasn’t over exposed to stuff’ she just let me lead a well rounded life. I always want to make her proud someday...u know mama needs a house ‘baby needs some shoes kindah proud. ‘ yeah that..So i need to get my hustle on...real quick. Moving on’

Saying i had an awesome Saturday...would be such an understatement ‘ my Sato was a freaking blast’ loads and loads of fun’ my legs still hurt from all the games  but the pain is so worth it’ if i miss Rugby Sevens (Ooh Lord no’)this weekend thanks to my freaking cramps which have the worst timing eeeeever at least i have the mingle to hold on to.’lol (aint that sumthn sumthn)

So here are a few shots of our day........enjoy’ much much thanx to my dates for the day ‘Wanjiru Muthui n Shish wa Ndirangu (the three musketeers) n to Keshie Muthui...u made it happen.

P/s i chose to wear my red ruffle dress which i haven’t worn in a while with a fedora...nothing says am chilled than a fedora and an easy breezy dress. I wish i had worn shorts though...somebody say ‘trampoline’ yeah i missed it’sob sob. We wouldn’t want anyone jumping high with a dress blowing up n showing their nitty gritties’ now would we’lol

Have a fab week hunies

the three muskerteers'

slam dunk' in yooo face.........

since i coulnt hula hoop i stuck to doin somethin i could'

Mis MJB............lookin disgustin' at the Kentucky Derby(heart her flowered hat)

Wanjiru Muthui...werkin em boots
wats with me n my weird dance moves'
the joy
red one shoulder dresses.......aint they all too lovely'

Wednesday, 12 September 2012

thoughts on turning 25…or a quarter life crisis'

this is how i look after a glass or two of a non-alcoholic cocktail'  

you can tell by the look on my face that this ish was yuuumy'

cake cake cake.....

My pal Keshie had the cutest pedi ever.......
topping'drool worthy i know'

Keshie n I? you call those love faces??

girls just wanna have fun
forever 21..colour blocks ' cute...

stupid ass face....

earlier on in the shots'

werkin it...u cant blame a girl for tryin

pieces of me'
thanx sweetie pies for comin thru...y'all rock

So i am 25 years old and counting but stubborn me still can’t seem to get it over her head that it’s just another year ‘you know i can’t stress enough ‘ how much i wanted to run the show by the time i got to be this age..It beats me see that i set myself up for failure. So i was kindah looking for something to cheer me up and remind me that my journey has just begun when i stumbled upon an amazing blog called ‘Travels of Adam and found this piece..........

Just before I turned 25, I decided to make a list of the things I thought I should do first. There are three general categories I would say you need to cover before you turn 25:


You should be able to take care of yourself & those around you.
You should have some fun.
You should prepare for the next 25 years.


1. Hang curtains in your bedroom.

Mine are brown and green.

2. Become friends with someone you meet in unusual circumstances.

I’ve met a few people in strange situations. Most notably would be Chrissy, who I had seen on the train just about every morning on my way to work, and then on the elevator in my building, and then in our office cafeteria. After this went on for a while, I finally realized we should know who each other is.

3. Make your own Halloween costume.

I was 24 when I decided to make a Max costume (from Where the Wild Things Are).

4. Go to a concert/movie/restaurant alone.

I’ve been to several concerts by myself, and I always find those experiences to be the most fun. In fact, that’s how I’ve met a few people (which could also count as #2).

5. Open a Roth-IRA account.

Uh-huh. I did this late one night about a month ago. Felt it needed to be done before all my money disappears in an unforgettable RTW trip.

6. Own stock in a company you believe in.

AAPL, I love you.

7. Read The Iliad.

Right. I didn’t end up finishing this, but I read Moby Dick in under two weeks this time three years ago, so I’m hopeful it’ll get done eventually.

8. Start a blog.

Well, hello there. (Read my latest blog posts here.)

9. Join a professional organization.

I’ve tried to be active within my respective career path, which has included attending Boston Bookbuilders, AIGA and Society of Printers events. I’ve so far avoided paying the membership fees (why, thank you, Corporate Job), though I may soon officially join the AIGA.

10. Go on a spur-of-the-moment, weekend trip to a foreign city.

Paris and Puerto Rico (two separate weekends in June 2007). Also, I might count Iceland because it was quick, generally unplanned and random.

11. Attend a poetry reading.

Not counting the poetry slam at last week’s Boston Book Festival, I once randomly walked into one of these at the Herrell’s Coffee Shop in Allston, MA a few months back. I was pleasantly surprised.

12. Go to a music festival.

Great Escape Festival in Sydney (2006), Lollapalooza (2006), Bonnaroo (2008), Glastonbury (20-something?)

13. Learn to dance.

“Learn” is a subjective word here. I think it’s just important that people realize anyone can dance in any situation. Sometimes you just have to let loose and have a good time. I also took £5/session swing lessons in London (which I highly recommend!).

14. Take a road trip with friends.

This was one of my most memorable trips—three of us; 13 hours on the road. Texas is big.

15. Get paid to do something you like.

I’m a designer. Who wouldn’t love working with fonts, images, colors and grids?!?

16. Do some sort of adventure/adrenaline activity.

Maybe it’s go to the shooting range (no thanks). Maybe it’s skydiving over the Great Barrier Reef and landing on a beach (2006).

17. Take a course on something you’re interested in.

Since college I’ve taken a few classes (whether for professional development, or just as a way to relax). Figure drawing & web design come to mind.

18. Regularly read a newspaper/magazine/blog.

There’s nothing quite like reading the Sunday NYTimes with your scrambled eggs and a cuppa tea.

19. Be recognized for something or at somewhere.

If you live somewhere long enough or go to the same place enough times, this is a worthwhile accomplishment. Plus, it proves you can commit to something. I enjoy running into people around Boston from previous jobs, lives, etc. And, well, there was this one bar that I could go to and they always knew who I was.

20. Have business cards.

If you do have business cards, it means you must be good at whatever it is you’re doing.

21. Cook dinner for a friend.

Sure, you can cook. But can you cook dinner for a friend? You have to be confident enough in your ability and also be able to pull off a personal, signature dish. Alternatively, you could cook dinner with a friend, which I do quite often considering some are way better cooks than I am.

22. Win something. Big or small.

I won a poetry contest in 3rd grade. And I’ve scored some concert tickets here and there. Luck is a good thing to have, but you could also have won a race or a game show.

23. Start a new hobby after college.

I’d have to say photography is mine. And I’m definitely still learning. But my Dad would be proud I’m taking more than just Polaroids these days.

24. Pick up the tab for no good reason.

I learned this back in high school. My friend Michele bought snow cones for a large group of friends one day, and though I was confused and generally unappreciative, I’ve since learned it’s an important thing to do every once in a while. (Thanks again Michele!)

25. Be irresponsible. It’s allowed sometimes.

My current living situation could easily be classified under this heading. But I’m not complaining.

Amen’ to number
2, 4, 8, 11,12,13,14.....the whole darn thing  ‘especially no. 8(i couldn’t be happier’)nuff said...
Enjoy loves i know i did...n yeah cheers to all VIRGOS again’
P/S...Its that Daughtry song and feel motivated