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“My mission in life is not merely to survive, but to thrive; and to do so with some passion, some compassion, some humor, and some style”
— Dr. Maya Angelou

Thursday, 23 August 2012

a post that's a lil too late.........

Hey loves’ a post that's a lil too late.........

Twas an awesomely long weekend here in Kenya, so today its back to b’ness n Lord knows some of us could use a push back to reality. My weekend wasn’t as hyped as i would have wanted it to be;not much activity took place seeing that most of my girlfies were out of town’ n i had my dental check up , So i did what i do best’ stocked up on some amazing shows n had a kickass time bonding with the tv n escaping reality. From New Girl Zoey Deschannel (God’ i love this sitcom) to Hollywood Exes (another fab show bout fab women livin it up) u can say’ i had a dreamy weekend. So now here I am seated at my office desk feeling lazy as f*** n i keep replaying this three songs........don’t ask me why’

Trey Songs ‘Heart Attack’....i love me some Trey’ so effin yummy ‘there is something so deep about this jam’ especially where he says’ worst pain i ever had’ who would hurt this piece of eye candy....i wouldn’t!
Mr. Wrong ‘MJB’ huge fan of this madam
John Legend ‘Best You Ever Had’ totally addicted to this song’ i keep seeing Michael Ealy (somebody say ‘sex god right thurr’ n Taraji getting freaky n this song playing in the background...on Think Like  a man act like a lady’

Okay on matters fashion i kindah gathered my thoughts on 1 or two things i need to do to add some much needed vavavoooom to my blog’ i figured i’d pick an outfit i wore n look for similar outfits then put them in a single post’ so i’mma kick this off with a feature on jumpsuits’ they are effortlessly chic n very easy to style’ a month ago i wore the navy blue one to go visit my pal...i felt a lil-overdressed but heck’ i needed to wear it coz it’s been hanging in my closet for some time had a perfect fit  and i felt like a million bucks strutting around’ it made my tini tiny ass pop’ how sweet ‘i know
Anyhu’ here r looks with a jumpsuit’ some from other bloggers’ that really had me bowled over completely’n the delish Kelly Ro....on Trey's video 'Heart Attack....

i would die happpy if i was kelly ro...n trey was lookin at me like that'

the red jumpsuit n the fedora...miss Kelly looks disgustin'huh

feelin the tie n die vibes on this one'

love the blue vibes n ruffle detail on this.......
love love love this colour block one......
yeah that's final look' taking a bow