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Sue's my name and this right here is a little space where i get to rant a little....well maybe alot' But hey thanks for dropping by. So here's to kicking life's ass and making the most of precious moments.....Xo

“My mission in life is not merely to survive, but to thrive; and to do so with some passion, some compassion, some humor, and some style”
— Dr. Maya Angelou

Thursday, 25 October 2012


girls nyt out..........


Hey lovelies’ how y’all doing? Fine i hope’ I figured i needed to make it up to you for not posting anything last terrible of me’ hope you buy that. Let me also mention; seeing we are almost getting to the holiday season’ I’ll be having a giveaway for my awe-inspiring followers’ something to say (mercie beaucoup) for holding me down...i love y’all so much and value y’all too. 


So my very amazing’ very dear and very precious pal Keshie Muthui and i had one of those wild weekends...”what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas” kinds. Yeah one of those....hey i heard you are wild one’.... Zuku’s DJ Nijo was spinning at the awesome Rafikiz club in Nakuru. This club is the isssh’ so we headed to Naxvegas on one fine Saturday night and party rocked.....eiish ‘That was some serious party rocking. Sometimes you have so much going on in your head...and any chance to let loose and go crazy is normally very welcome.  We slept at a absolutely amazing place called Capitol Hill.... check out the requisite view’ bonkers’


It's interesting to see how much your priorities can change in a few short months. I used to be pretty boring...lately i jump for joy when someone mentions a trip’ i want to rediscover what it is i feel is missing...As i write this post am listening to Usher (my main man;lols) so he has this jam called ‘Dive’ .... the song is about’ the naaaaaasty...n ishh issh’ but am kindah thinking you could decide to take a dive...not necessarily in that area...but in life’ you dive in and do what you gust to do......(a lil vague but u can figure it out’ y’all are smart)


So it’s been back to reality now, that was fun while it lasted, but honestly sometimes the "normalcy" of my life is perfect for me. The simplicity of it all makes me smile. I like to not go out and instead watch back to back episodes of my fave shows. I guess i mean... i sometimes feel happier with less. Maybe i am just an oddball but i also like stuff that feels special. Life is special, so we should fill it with special things and people that we cherish

So cheers to naxvegas and to taking dives’ ......


we poppin champagne like we won a championship game'...its wine dear

fine as wine i tell ya'


happy people'
oooh this felt sooo damn gooooood'
pop lock n drop
miss muthui...lookin fabo in em' boots'

a YOLO moment up in my head'
serene view....amazeballs'
Good thing I packed my flats as walking up and down in heels can only work for so long. ;)
Keshie take a dive...
back to the
Dj Nijo is in the house y'all (groupie moment)
red carpet baby...

Julz can tell by the smile on his face that dude was happy'

 Life's a journey always worth taking.
Take time to smell the roses... and tulips...
and daffodils... and lilacs... and sunflowers...

Count blessings like children count stars.
The secret of a happy life isn't buried in a
treasure chest... it lies within your heart.
It's the little moments that make life big.

Don't wait. Make memories today.
Celebrate your life