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“My mission in life is not merely to survive, but to thrive; and to do so with some passion, some compassion, some humor, and some style”
— Dr. Maya Angelou

Tuesday, 28 August 2012

for the love of friendship'

hello sweeties;

I spent the day at my bestie and tv loving partner-in-crime mily's house exploring her neighborhood on a relaxed Saturday Afternoon. We had fun being over-sized kids for the day.
We have eerily similar lives/ opinions/ passions and i pray to God that our soul mates will get along like bread and butter. The two photos with us all dressed up are of a place my bestie and I visited over the past. I celebrate my friend' because she colours my life' truly
i read this on Oprah magazine sometime back and i couldnt think of anyone i would rather sent it to than her' if you find a pal who gets find a treasure'

"Brenda Abrams had an orange shag carpet and a thing for Elton John. My room was hot pink and my heart belonged to Cat Stevens. We both believed in Herbal Essence, Frye boots, and boys named Brad. We got our periods, our ears pierced, and our learner's permits—in exactly that order. All we knew of drugs was what we'd read in Go Ask Alice. All we knew of sex was what we saw in The Way We Were. We gorged on Twinkies and Fritos and red pop, never dreaming that cellulite could someday come between us and our Calvins. We were good girls. We were best friends.

Thirty years have come and gone. She's Brenda Jacobs now, living with her husband, three kids, and nanny in a big suburban house outside Manhattan. I'm still me, living alone in a small prewar co-op inside Manhattan. She's on the board of trustees at her children's school, practicing law in her spare time. I'm on the computer writing this article, and my spare time is spent wondering how people find spare time. Most days I don't want her life. Most days she doesn't want mine—but we each have the occasional pang. We are still best friends. "

at a past event with the ever bubbly Cate Gitahi n her wonderful fam'

twas a bit chilly....but so worthwhile'

Mily grab that pot...u know u want to'lol

me being me..............weeeeiiirrrd'i got the moves baby..u got the motion'

u know that Fashion Police show with Joan Rivers where they go B**** stole my look' weeeelll Babe stole my shorts'

me n the tree...........PDA'

flower power'
flower power again'
at the tayiana garden spa' one word "COSY"
Mily din want no tree PDA'
fave photo of the day....need i say mo'
i will look at this 20 years from now...n  say' i had a great friend'

girls nyt out............

mo me'

get silly'
peace out

NB: Cherish your pals...