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Friday, 18 January 2013


Hope y’all are awesome’ Yipee its Friday finally...come tomorrow some of you will be singing; Katy Perry’s “Last Friday night”............lols

Today i feature a show that took every fashionista by storm when it came out...Single Ladies’  
We were introduced to three fabulous ladies living it up in ATL. Val, Keisha and April....’damn we so wanted be like them ’Kindah like Sex in the City meets Hotlanta. These ladies were classy, elegant and black a reson why a majority of us were completely bowled over. 

When everybody else was swooning over Keisha Greene and her enormous behind’ (no offence) i was inclined to Stacy Dash’s character Val; always will. My heart broke when she left. Val was self made...remember before starting that hip boutique she used to be a stylist’ for the likes of Usher (baby) and Eve....I adored her every outfit, every shoe......’ after her break up with Quinn, Val met all this gorgous men’ 

 In season two after Stacy left.... i doubted i was going to like Denise Vasi but to my surprise i actually did. She is gorgeous; her eyes to be precise are magical. But I really hated how they chose to get rid of Val...I speak for millions when i say. We so wanted to see what happened when Mr. Jerry came knocking after she had spent the night with Quinn...such a horrible thing they did’

Anywho...the fash on this show was to completely die fave outfit will always be the pink top, green miniskirt that Val wore when she went to see Jerry...and somehow bumped into Quinn. I would steal her whole wardrobe if i could but for that outfit i would give my heart,lungs  and throw in a kidney . lol
Keisha has this toned curves that she dresses so well’ in awesome dresses and pencil skirts. April’s style is gorge too; very hip n urban. Raquel is one of those few lucky women on the planet who look good in anything or without’ Season 7 Project Runway winner..Anthony Williams, designs the ladies wardrobe; talk about talent.

You gotta love the testosterone bit on too...Season One had the likes of Darrin Dewitt, Tank, Common, Mac Miller, Romeo and Rick Fox whose also on season 2 with God’s gift to women “Mr Mc dreamy himself....William Levy” i know several people who need a cold shower just by looking at this fella’ also DB Woodside a.k.a Malcolm ‘he and Keisha go hard’ and of course that stylish cutie Omar...

Single Ladies is one good show...and they better be working on Season Three...........more fash, more eyecandy...more Hotlanta....

huge huge crush on Mr. Man here.........