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“My mission in life is not merely to survive, but to thrive; and to do so with some passion, some compassion, some humor, and some style”
— Dr. Maya Angelou

Friday, 10 May 2013


Hello love’s’

First off, does the weather in Nairobi suck much or what?’ What’s with the never ending showers making it look so dreary? Dear weather man…please tell us this won’t be on for long ‘coz we are dying’ . I bet all most of us want to do is curl up on the couch, with a warm blanket’ hot cup of tea’ and a good movie (ooh now that is heaven right there)! Get your lazy ass up Susan and go chase some dreams’

Okay speaking of good movies ‘I can hardly wait for the drama that is Love and Hip-hop Atlanta season two; to see what Joslyn has rolled up her sleeve(she’s a he /she (no pun intended)’ Stevie J’s insane mama drama(dude needs his own spinoff…like wtf!) and of course my girl K.Michelles’ ultra -style’ Ok’ Susan. They get the point…you can hardly wait’

Moving on swiftly’ so a big shout to the guys at KEPOLO (even the name itself sounds awesome) Kenya Poets Lounge for making it happen again, this time at the serene Rainforest Lounge for  ‘ Streams Where Haven Art’ that was one word ‘AMAZEBALLS’ (must have stamped an ‘ I was Here’ sign somewhere)

Sunday was so chilly and the only reason I was going to leave the house was for the man of my dreams (come on baby and rescue me) or some intense soul food.  Lucky me I got the latter still looking out for the former’ though so drop me a line if you know where I can find him’ lol.

The Rainforest lounge is an incredible place to be especially if you enjoy you sheesha. The ambience is quite calm in a good way making it all to perfect for poetry. This time round the show wasn’t all about poetry instead it was a mash up of several art forms; song, painting and spoken word’ making it all too splendid.
I was elated to see some familiar faces from a chapter in the past. Like miss Trudy who rocked us with a musical version of her poem ‘I WANT TO DANCE’ and Eric Rixpoet’ (him and a couple of other guys are the brains behind KEPOLO) and of course miss Janette Spear’ Who brought the house down with her version of “WHERE ARE THE WOMEN’…This girl always gets me with that ‘ Bruno Mars line’… if you’re a chica whose being fed some Bruno Mars lies…you oughta listen to Janette and  wake the hell up’ lol

We were dazzled by the musical bit too. A guy band that did a song called ‘Nikikutazama’ was so on point and the endowed miss Doreen Muchiri aka the Purple Diva awed with her rendition of Bob Marleys’ Redemption song and my personal favorite ‘Turn your Lights Down Low’ Lauryn Hill featuring father in law. Doreen is clearly going places. Miss Lauryn Hill on the other hand just got busted for tax evasion’ I hope she is able to figure that out. There was a couple of other remarkable performers like Kiu (the girl group), Tear Drop (street smart poet) and a whole lot more’ (raking brain hard for other names but it’s all blank up there’)forgive my one GB memory ‘ but they were all truly worthy. Sad thing we missed the Georgia lady thanks to our African timing…hahaha.

Anyhow we had a freaking ball to say the least. By we ‘I mean’ my beyond awesome dates ‘lil sis, my pal Keshie’ and I. Something about poetry that fixes you and speaks to you in ways only you know how. Attending this events is doing things to me…good things like I find myself putting pen to paper often and for me that has been extremely therapeutic’ so I leave y’all with snippets from Streams. Enjoy darlings

Xo Sue






 I want to imagine a relaxed afternoon of art lovers who have come together to experience love. I want to imagine people dancing to calm rhythms and beautiful melodies from a live band. I want to imagine deep and sleek poetry lines piercing through the hearts of souls, a decorated runway on which models grace their beauty and clothing. I want to imagine people making new friends, shaking hands, falling in love and strangers dancing together. This is what STREAMS wants you to feel, for it is a haven of art inside the heavenly Rainforest Lounge.