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“My mission in life is not merely to survive, but to thrive; and to do so with some passion, some compassion, some humor, and some style”
— Dr. Maya Angelou

Wednesday, 17 April 2013


with my new found amazing friends; Eric and Trudy

Hello lovelies’

I sure do hope you guys especially in Nairobi are keeping warm in this weather. Unlucky me I caught a cold a few days back but I had it coming after a sensational Saturday evening. My ooh my ‘ I live for days like Saturday. My buddy and fellow blogger Angel Ivy Wanja invited me for lunch and some much needed pep talk. She prepared the best spaghetti I have had my whole life. (Sneak peek below)  I have friends who can cook some scrumptious dishes…cc: Keshie Muthui, Millie Achieng, Angel Ivy Wanja. I have watched this ladies in action and pitied myself…don’t get me wrong, I can cook to save my life but finger licking mouthwatering dishes….that I can’t. I guess some cooking lessons will come in handy once I get to that phase of my life ‘eeh boyfriend and all since they say ‘the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach’ go figure……

Anywho… the thing about blogging is you get to share tidbits of your life, some stirring moments that make you so happy you could die and some that clearly don’t. It’s hard to blog without getting personal. Hope you feel me. Someday when my blog is refined and all maybe I won’t overshare but for now please let me. lol. Actually a majority of blogs that I follow happen to be very private. They give you a clearer glimpse of the blogger’ their smiles, their tears, their world. I love that. It makes the blogger familiar and shows you they are human.

Ivy werkin it...
lurv this gurl'


shoe cam...


So back to sharing’  on Saturday I felt so delighted at The Village Market’ at the night dubbed Celebrating Women Through Poetry courtesy of Kenya Poets Lounge. It was such a nourishing and incisive event watching women perform awe inspiring bits and pieces written from the heart. The musical guests were so incredible as well. Every poet was wholesome in their own way..but I had a select faves’

A certain lady who did a poem titled Georgia (oooh she took me to heaven this girl…. Some soul…Some Al Green’ that chic was good and i mean gooooood ; i wanted to hug her (the perv in me...!)
There was another lady who was so street smart. Her pieces were witty and so on point reflecting on what it is to be a woman in the Kenyan society that can be so unforgiving…and especially one who is trying to find her voice’

Then came Trudy with the poem below….she blew my mind away’ I loved that poem so much I haven’t stopped reciting it in my head. Trudy has written a collection of poetry on Kenya after the post election violence. The poems are healing and they get you to a place where all is safe. 

the ambiance was articulate........

the lovely MC Miss Cherrie'


The beyond amazing perfomers.................

Miss Georgia.....

on a rather short note' i missed my pal Maggie's bday so after poetry ..... this is where i wonder i have a cold'hahaha' twas awesome ladies'

Miss Maggie and I...good times'

Well am really excited about sharing this book with y’all. Got my autographed copy from Trudy (thanx miss lady)…it’s a collection of poetry on Kenya. You can grab your own copy through the Kenya Poets Lounge. Just read the poem below and tell me you agree with me completely...

 In the words of the publisher, Carole Mandi  Media Ltd.
‘In this work, poetry and politics fuse in a heartfelt appeal for all to embrace brotherhood and justice as the healing balm for our nation. It is a must read, a keepsake for all who love Kenya.’

THEY – YOU – ME! By Trudy Walmsley

It’s covert but its bare, the sheer brazenness of it. The subtlety of it, the shame of it and me allowing it, me allowing they……….

They, who are trying to break me yearning to shake me, inundate me, berate me, deviate me and devastate me!

Me, I am learning to wake me , so they don’t recreate me or make me, a fake me.

Yet I am yearning to be free!so I’m saying, leave me to be me….

To find me within me, intrinsic the real me, the image and likeness of God inside me…. For I am hid in Him and He is in ME!

The world system forces permission on you to be you, to fall blue, to hate the unique you

Apologize for being you, depreciate you, refuses you to shine out and be true, to seek approval to be you

Receive consent to illuminate the world because you are you!that image that God created inside of yo.

So wake you to the fact that you are you and light up the world with the creation that is you….

Accept no intimidations they throw at you.

You are unique and blessed created for purpose….

A light which brings forth a difference to the world around you!

Me, I am learning to wake me, so they don’t re create me or make a fake me, so I’m saying! Leave me to be me.

To find me within me, intrinsic the real me, the image and likeness of God inside me…. For I am hid in Him and He is in ME!