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— Dr. Maya Angelou

Tuesday, 23 October 2012


Hey beautiful peeps’

 My apologies for being so much as i would love to tell you that i was somewhere canoodling in a splendid pot of love ...i cant’ coz truth be told i haven’t been around much but also i haven’t found love yet... promise not to gloat about it today. October has been such a spontaneous month’ i have been to so many places i can’t keep count. Thing is.... impulsiveness is slowly catching up with me’ i have enjoyed my trips so much that i forgot to share bad..But will do in due time’ so i was feeling vibrant some days ago...and popped this outfit on...i love anything mustard’ so this polka dot blouse was quite a find considering’ am a polka’


So my post today is called ‘Bless the broken road’ an awesome awesome song by Rascal Flatts. Can i just mention how totally breath-taking they are....yesterday i listened to them on my way home and i swear i was in music heaven’ my books Daughtry are the best thing since Jesus.....Rascal thing since Obama...lols. All their songs are so intense in a good mushy way....


 MY FAVES....yeah i’l give them to you since i love y’all so much

  • My wish

  • Bless the broken road........of course

  • I won’t let go

  • What hurts the most..... i cry buckets every time i watch the video’

Spoiler alert(the video bit has this part where boy n girl r talking’ n gal asks boy ‘ what do you see when you look at the future....? boy says’ i see u’ then he asks gal(what do you see?....girl runs off...boy goes away n later passes on.....( i wish she told him she saw him....

I hope someday i meet someone who i think about when a Rascal Flatt song plays...that kind of love ‘ so deep, so real, so crazy’ someone i will watch reruns of glee with and sing along...someone who makes me want to sit through a football match just so that i can have him near guy..and i’ll be his girl.


Seriously lemmi stop this shit before i get carried away......but seriously ‘God bless the broken road that will lead me straight to you..........yeah you baby....


Have a sweet one loves’

Xo Sue

isnt she lovely....

everythn is jus fabu'

cute much'
sleepy pose......a gal needs some posing lessons asap

so i had to get you this...enjoy loves
Rascal Flatts - Bless the Broken Road Offical Music video